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It would be tacky to wear the disguise to the funeral, after all. Parodied in The Adventures of Dr. In the same anime, when Luna finds out, she goes into a state of complete denial, despite the insistence of Bud and Zack and Omega-Xis showing up in front of them at times.

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The Rise and Fall of the Funny, Sexy Cartoon Woman

This works remarkably well, despite the fact that Tachyon is a sentient, talking gorilla , and there's not a lot of those roaming around. And the best part? They have a newly-installed central alarm system.

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Justin Trudeau Was Clark Kent for Halloween and We Cannot Handle It

More recently , Rhoda used this to hide from people harassing her following her appearance on the TV News the day Pandora appeared. It works for about a minute, but as soon as she gets a good look at him she knows who he is. I wish I could just skip ahead two weeks

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