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Yui Rio, Token Evil Teammate of the Rainbow 6, is also implied to be a lesbian, as some promo art shows her sexually harassing Yuna Hina by trying to grab her rear. Realizing that Ida-Maria liked Elias, Nora started a rumor that someone had taken pictures of Ida-Maria naked after she passed out during a party and showed them to the entire school, causing her to be ostracized and slut-shamed by everyone until Nora became her only friend. Not long after that she tried to murder her love rival Zoe during a skydiving holiday by sabotaging her parachute, but the parachutes were handed out in a random order and Sarah was killed instead.

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Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings Vikings killed off its most legendary character in dramatic fashion just days before the end of The antagonist Wendy from Rule of Rose.

Not psycho at all by any means Reiko Ishida of version 4 is an inversion:

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Then again, she was a bit messed up to begin with. In the Spanish horror film The Blood Spattered Bride , a young bride, uneasy about sex with her husband, encounters Lesbian Vampire Carmilla and is seduced, and together they unleash murderous enmity toward men. Though Ward died there, his body was then inhabited by Inhuman baddie Hive, who planned to transform the world into swayed Inhumans before Lincoln blew him up in the space-bound quinjet. Still, fans believed him redeemable even up until Coulson pushed his chest in on Maveth.

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  1. The Magnificent World are extremely promiscuous lesbians who are constantly attempting to seduce, or outright molest, other women they find attractive, and will not take no for an answer, even if the objects of their "affection" protest about being heterosexual. Yuki gets extremely jealous and possessive although they never develop a romance, her insanity builds up to the point where she becomes the main villain.